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TC35 GSM module development board of GSM mobile phone

TC35 GSM module development board of GSM mobile phone development board with the voice interface antenna

1 onboard TC35 dual-frequency 900/1800MHZ highly integrated

     GSM module;

2 The onboard LM2596 high-power power supply chip, powerful

     guarantee modules to work stably for a long time;

3 The onboard flip type SIM card, SIM card users convenient loading

     and unloading;

4  on-board terminals or DC power supply (the default is terminal),

    7.5-12V input voltage;

5 The  onboard audio interface and a microphone, is convenient for

    the user to do a test call;

6 on-board UART interface, to meet the needs of different users;

7 Onboard  three LED lights: the power indicator light, signal light,

    call indicator light;

8 PCB board size: 68.5 (mm) x38.5 (mm)