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LC DC-DC adjustable voltage regulator

Desktop power module USB interface  5V Lifting and pressing1-24V DC-DC adjustable voltage regulator

SKU : LC-Power-B6289

Overview :
LC DC-DC adjustable voltage regulator can through USB  interface input  5V voltage ,then convert to 1-24V (maximum power 3W). only there is a mobile phone charger and USB5V adapter, you can easilyoutput an adjustable voltage of 1V to 24V. power 3W, Can also be equipped with USB adapter board, microUSB as input, make it easily used .The regulator has an output voltage display.

functional characteristics
Input voltage: DC 5V;
Output voltage: DC 1V-24V;
Maximum output power: 3W;

hardware introduction and description
board  size :51.6*20.6mm
Weight :10g 

matters needing attention
This is a low-power product, the maximum output is less than 3W, can not through the mobile power USB port t transferred to 12V or 19V to carry a tablet or notebook, especially remind!