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Voice Module

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Voice recognition module LD3320

1. Overview

LC LD3320 module is voice recognition module, MCU use STC11L08XE, its programming way the same as  51、52 series microcontroller. LD3320  module provide 16 I/O port. It can be used to Smart home、smart car DIY、Voice control embedded products etc.

2. The function and characteristics

 ● Working voltage: 5V
 ● Communication mode: TTL
 ● MCU reserved IO number: 16

3. Introduced the hardware and instructions

 ● The board size: 64.8*37.2mm      
 ● The board function description:
5V: Working voltage
GND: Ground
MICP: The microphone input anode side
MICN: The microphone input negative side
MONO: Single word input
LINL: Stereo left
LINR: Stereo right
SPON: The speaker output negative side
SPOP: The speaker output anode side