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BK8000L Bluetooth stereo audio/ Wireless bluetooth module

1. Summarize
LC BK8000L Bluetooth Audio receiver module carry BK8000LBluetooth stereo audio module and TPA6132  T-AMP chip,it can connect with laptop,cellphone,PDA or some other bluetooth equipment to wireless transmission music,it was convenience for DIY modified with bluetooth  headset or bluetooth stereo. 3.5 mm audio output interface, connect headphones or stereo (built-in amplifier).

2. Function and characteristics

  • Onboard BK8000L bluetooth stereo audio module, follow the bluetooth 2.1 specification;
  • Board HIFI level  TPA6132 chip amp;
  • The DC power supply or USB power supply, power supply voltage 5 v to 12 v;
  • 7 * 7 self-locking switch, convenient to control the power;
  • 3.5 mm audio output interface, can be connect headphones or stereo (built-in amplifier);
  • With state of the bluetooth indicator light;
  • The onboard control buttons.

3. Introduce of hardware
Size: 30mm*46mm

4. The basic function and instructions
Bluetooth audio receiver module after power on red and blue lights flashing, in has not yet been connected state, cell phone bluetooth search BK8000L bluetooth module and connection, the connection is successful after the red light, blue lights flash slowly, then you can play music via bluetooth (such as failing to search to the device, APP available bluetooth assistant to search).By the board on the back of the keys to a song, the next song, volume, volume reduction, play/pause control.