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Open MV3 Cam M7 intelligent camera

openMV camera is a board with character of small size ,low energy consumption, lost cost . It helps you to complete the robot vision application easily by micropython. The advanced data structure enables you deal with complex output in machine vision algorithm . You can easily use an external terminal to trigger shoot or perform an algorithm. The structure of the algorithm can also be used to control IO pins.
Technical info:

Main function and feature :
1.STM32F765VI ARM Cortex M7 processor,216MHZ,512KB RAM,2MB flash. I/O output is 3.3V and compatible with 5V
2.12Mbs USB port connects to computer .virtual COM terminal and U disk will popup in your computer after you connect OpenMV camera to compute r
3.SD card slot has 100Mbps reading and writing .It enables you to record video and extract the machine vision material from the SD card.
4. A spi bus speeds up to 54Mbs,enables to transfer image stream data to LCD extend board, wifi extend board ,or other controller I2C bus, CAN bus, asynchronous serial bus (TX/RX) ,used to connect other controller or sensor 12bit ADC and one 12bit DAC
7.3 I/O Pins for steer control
8.all I/O pin can be used for PWM RGB LED ,two high bright 850nm IR LED
10. can deal with 604x480 8-bit gray picture or 320x240 16-bit RGB56 color picture .
It has a 2.8mm focal length lens on the standard M12 lens base .

Application Fields :
1.Frame differencing
2.color tracking
3.marker tracking
4.Face Detection
5.Eye Tracking
6.Optical Flow
7.QR Code Detection/Decoding
8.Data Matrix Detection /decoding
9.Linear Barcode Decoding
10.line detection
11.template matching
12.Image capture recording

Parameter :
1.Processor :
ARM 32bit cortex-M7 CPU
w/double precision FPU 216MHZ(462DMIPS)
Crore Mark Score:1082
(Compare w/Raspberry Pi Zero :2060)

2.RAM layout :
128kb DATA/BSS/Heap/Stack
96kb Embedded Flash Drive
1920kb firmware (2MB in total )

3.Picture format:
 Grayscale RGB565 JPEG
Max pixel supported:
Grayscale:640x480 and under
RGB565:302x240 and under
Grayscale JPEG:640x480 and under
RGB565 JPEG:302x240 and under

4.Lens :
Focal Length :2.8mm
Mount :M12*0.5
IR cut filter:650nm (removable)

5.Electric information:
All pins are 5V tolerant with 3.3V output .All pins can sink or source up to 25mA.P6 is not 5V tolerant in ADC or DAC mode. Up to 120mA may be sinked or sourced in total between all pins.VIN may be between 3.6v and 5V .Do not draw more than 250mA from your openMV cam’s 3.3V rail .

6.Weight :16g
7.Size :
length 45mmxwidth 36mmxheight 30mm
Open MV3 Cam M7 intelligent camera ,with photo processing, color recogniting ,and visual patrol function Open MV3 Cam M7 intelligent camera ,with photo processing, color recogniting ,and visual patrol function