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MAX II EPM240 CPLD Minimum System Core 、Development Board

This product is the smallest system board of ALTERA's MAX II series CPLD chip EPM240T100C5N, which can be used together with Byte-Blaster and USB-Blaster downloader for product verification and development. The JTAG and power interface have been set on the board, and all the pins are brought out. It only needs to be connected to the 5V power supply to work, which is very convenient to use. This CPLD chip is very suitable as a low-cost CPLD/FPGA entry. Users can extend external circuits such as LED lights, digital tubes, LCD liquid crystals, serial communication, etc. according to all the IO ports that the core board leads out. . It is convenient for users to develop their own products and maximize decrease the cost of learning and development for users.