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Altera ByteBlaster II CPLD/ FPGA Parallel Port Download Line

ByteBlaster II is a low-cost parallel port in programmer, connect with target board by official standard 10-pin, according to the official information produced, adopt the double-layer PCB board and chip components so that lower power consumption, capability stronger, which ensure its stable and reliable operation:

Support ALTERA all series devices;


CPLD:MAX3000、MAX7000、MAX9000 and MAXII, etc.;


FPGA:Stratix、StratixII、Cyclone、CycloneII、ACEX1K、APEX20K and FLEX10K, etc;


Active serial configuration devices: EPCS1, EPCS4 EPCS16, etc.;


Enhanced configuration devices: EPC1, an EPC4;


Support the operating voltage of 3.3V and 5.0V;


Supports three download mode: AS, PS and JTAG;