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LC ESP8266 0.96 inch OLED Clock module


ESP8266 0.96  inch OLED Clock module   Perpetual calendar ESP-12F LCD development board


LC ESP8266 0.96 inch OLED Clock module integrated ESP-12F module ,0.96inch OLED display 、RTC Perpetual calendar clock chip and CR1220 battery, provide  matching configuration software, Can be used for DIY own LCD WiFi clock . Lead to the ESP8266 programming port, if  you are interesting this product you can make it secondary development .

1,onboard mature and stable ESP-12F WiFi module, high capacity 4M Byte Flash
2, onboard 12C communication Interface 0.96 inch OLED display
3,Provide reference codes and documents in environments such as OLED display 51 and STM32
4,onboard PCF8563T clock circuit,even if disconnect power, also can working normally.
5,reserved ESP8266 UART interface ,support secondary development and program yourself hardware.
6, provide ESP8266 factory firmware, schematic.
7, Power supply: Micro USB 5V power supply
8,double layer structure design, small size and good appearance, DIY WiFi clock best  choice .
Hardware introduction and description
board  size  : 29*29mm


2,  interface  introduction 

1, 0.96 inch OLED display: drive IC for SSD1306

2, ESP-12F WiFi module : Flash Capacity is 4MByte
3, Micro USB 5V power supply  interface
4,PCF8563T  click  chip
5, CR1220 Button Battery : supply  power for clock circuit after disconnect
6, UART program download interface: when download  IO0 with GND short connect, 3V3,TXD,RXD,GND connect external TTL serial port module separately (such us FT232 module )3V3,RXD,TXD,GND,disconnect the IO0 and GND links after the download is complete.
7, OLED interface:separately SDA、SCL、GND、3V3
Connect network description
The module has been burned before leaving the factory, when customers using need let connect the router (2.4GHz WiFi), then set city , then  you can get correct time and weather information , Proceed as follows:
1, wifi  click module  through USB power ,then Android/Apple phone connecting  wiif ,wechat pays attention to the “Lexin Information Technology” public number, then clicks on the shop--Airkiss equipment, enter the WiFi password and click "Connect"


2. Wait for the 15S module display appear WiFi icon in the upper right corner and the IP address indicates that the router has been successfully connected, then refresh the weather and date of the default city in Beijing, as shown below:


Factory firmware programming
For the secondary development customer wants to re-write the factory firmware, you can follow the steps below:
1. Use the jumper cap / DuPont cable to connect the IO0 and GND pins, prepare one TTL serial  port module (for example :FT232) plug in computer usb,serial module and  development board connect ways as below:

TTL serial module WiFi clock module
3.3V 3V3


Using firmware programming software FLASH_DOWNLOAD_TOOLS_V3.6.4 open software。Setting burned address,Port number and other parameters, you can click START,After the programming is completed, disconnect the connection between IO0 and GND  then will be run, as follows:


1,The above programming address is applicable to the factory firmware. For the second development, please according to the actual situation  select the address.
2,when you matching network for the clock module ,router ,clock module and mobile phone should  be as close as possible
3,during the matching  process, the phone may prompt "configure wifi failed", do not care, as long as the clock module can display the WiFi icon and IP address, the matching  network is successful 。
4,only provide factory firmware, does not provide ESP8266 source code under Eclipse!