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TTP223 capacitor touch module self-locking inching mode

1. Overview

LC TTP223 touch button module is base on touch detection IC capacitor style inching mode touch switch module. Can be mounted on non-metallic materials surface such as plastic and glass ,moreover use a thin of paper (non-metallic) Cover the surface of the module,only you touch right place,can make it button hidden in wall, desktop and other place. This module can make you exempt trouble from regular press type button.

2.Introduced the hardware and instructions
2 modes available:
1, Self -locking mode---press on the output,and then press to stop output ;
2, Inching mode---- press down the output,release will stop output.
Supply voltage: 2.5-5.5V.
Penetration distance: 6mm.
Mode switch to fast mode; When continue 12 seconds no touch , the mode switches back to low-power mode.

3,Introduced the hardware and instructions
Board size:14*14mm
Functions of the board:
1. interface description:
VCC :Power supply + 
GND: Power supply -
OUT: Output Level

  Mode config Level config
Mode T point A point
Inching high level output weldless weldless
Self-locking high level output weld weld
Inching low level output weldless weld
Self-locking low level output weld weld