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PWM module

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0v to 5 v / 0v to 10 v 0-100% PWM signal voltage convert PWM

1. summarize
LC voltage convert PWM module V-PWM to 0 to 5 V / 0 to 10 V voltage is converted into 0% - 100% of the PWM output, by adjusting the voltage to adjust the PWM duty cycle.Can be used for control of the motor or other places you need to use the PWM.Module size is small, easy to apply in different places.
 2. functional characteristics
MCU embedded technology.
Easy to operate, can pass to fine-tuning potentiometer.
Through the selection of short circuit at different input voltage range.
Convenient module is small, easy to carry and use.
Module working voltage: DC 5v to 12v
Conversion range: 0V-5 v / 0V to 10v voltage PWM conversion was 0% - 100%
Permissible error: 1% - 3%
3. hardware and instructions
VCC: work power supply 5 v to 12 v.
The power to GND: work.
VIN: 0 to 10 v input voltage.
GND: input voltage.
GND: output PWM.
PWM: output PWM.
Instructions: The working voltage VCC &GND, not reverse connection, in order to avoid damage to the board and components.
Access control on the VIN end voltage, voltage range according to the selected mode is divided into 0-5V and 0-10V.
At output PWM is PWM.
Can be adjusted by adjusting the voltage, duty ratio.
Precision could be controlled by adjusting the potentiometer.

0v to 5 v / 0v to 10 v 0-100% PWM signal voltage  convert  PWM module 0v to 5 v / 0v to 10 v 0-100% PWM signal voltage  convert  PWM module