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USB Isolator USB to USB Isolation module

USB Isolator USB to USB Isolation module  digital signal audio power isolator free drive coupling protection board ADUM3160

Lc usb isolation module adopt ADI company proprietary iCoupler® technology, It is the industry first single-package USB isolation solution ,Compatible with USB2.0,provides fully isolated 12 Mbps data rates ,isolation 2500V voltage ,Not connect external power supply required, no drive required. USB signals timing, amplitude, direction, rate, and protocol are complicated, so achieved  the magnetic isolation of the USB signal is very complicated technology, and this one basically represents the highest level

Technical indicators:
1.Compatible with USB2.0
2.ADUM3160 isolation voltage :2500V
3. Power supply isolation module :1500V
4.Support USB full speed 12Mbps,not support pure high speed equipment.
5.Support USB control transfer, bulk transfer, interrupt transfer, sync/isochronous transfer.
6.Power supply:take from the computer host USB port
7.Drive free,use more convenient.
8.use environment :-40℃ to 85℃
introduced the hardware and instructions
board size: 18*41mm
Weight :15g(have shell)
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USB interface are One of the most commonly used interfaces in electronic engineer and practitioner daily life ,along with computer industry competition  increased, product sale price more and more lower.  Let most seller  have to produce computer  host interface protection part more and more simple, usb interface not only often touch  with external,but also supply  power to external devices.these situations make many computer usb interface meet problem, Even make the motherboard was damage.
5. Instruction for use:
(1) Contain strong electricity and strong interference work environment
part electric circuit contain strong electricity and strong interference( such as high voltage, frequency converter, motor drive etc.) environment,When it related to connecting a computer occasion,must isolate to ensure computer and personal safety.
(2)Noise sensitive area
Computer is a large noise source, in the field of noise sensitivity that we can through this device to USB interface make communication isolate, such as high-precision USB data acquisition system, HIFI sound system.
(3)USB debugging equipment
such as all kind of USB interface JTAG/SWD Emulator、ISP/ASP/IAP/ICP Downloader etc. When you at the process of debugging, often can't connect, simulation is abnormal ,can use USB isolator try to improve this situation.
(4) all kinds of industrial control USB device
in the industrial environment,USB device Frequent crashes,like USB Mouse, keyboard, USB to serial port and other communication devices,USB isolator can reduce the chance of crashes and damage to these devices in industrial environments,sometimes we need extend USB line,USB isolator can Acting as a very good USB repeater, also can isolation upstream and downstream equipment in ground pressure difference.
(5)Other common USB peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, USB sound card, USB flash drive, printer, digital camera, USB hub (HUB), USB camera.

Supported device :
Full speed equipment: USB flash drive, digital camera, card reader, mobile hard disk, U shield, USB hub AVRJTAG、AVRISP、AVRISPMKII、S-Lab、JET51、J-Link、FET430UIF、PICKIT2、XDS100、LPC-Link、ICD2、USB Transfer serial port (FT232、CP2102、PL2303、CH341 chip).
Unsupported devices: 
USB wireless network card, some USB3.0 USB flash drive

Attention :
This product onboard output power supply 1W,when your usb device working power >180mA, can use USB double-headed line plus power supply.
This product support full speed equipment,but unsupported  pure high speed equipment (USB2.0). most USB device downward compatible are available