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STM8S103K3T6 development board +1.8 inch LCD SPI serial port

A basic introduction
LC - k3 STM8-103 - SM consists of two parts, motherboard and LCD screen section, respectively.On the LCD panel and the bottom are silk-screen label, the corresponding then use.In addition STM8S103K3T6 all pin leads, convenient external other module.
Provide the C51 and STM8s routine (SPI) analogy.
1: the master control chip (STM8S103K3T6)
2: the AMS1117-3.3 V voltage regulator
3: USBmini head interface (which can be directly to suite the power supply)
4: download interface (STLINK)
5: LCD interface (SPI) onboard a 1.8 -inch LCD screen No touch function Driver IC for ILI9163
6: reset button
7: external crystals obligate interface
Low plate size: 56 mm * 35.5 mm
Location hole size: 2.5 mm
The LCD panel part
1 to 1. 8 inch LCD screen
2: working voltage 3.3 V
3: the right end row needles which leads to the SPI interface
4:128 * 160 resolution
Size: 56 mm * 35.5 mm