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USB mini adjustable speed fan module

1. Overview
LC USB mini adjustable speed fan governor module, it means governor plug in 5v interface  can be used (phone charger power bank  usb interface computer usb interface also suitable),suit for all 5v usb fan on the market, and can be retrofitted radiator fan on a laptop 

Functions :
1.product size:62*29mm;
2.input voltage:DC4V-12V
3.output voltage:DC2.5V-7.5V
4.rated power:5W (please not overload)
5.features:usb fan adjust of speed, Stepless speed regulation, can adjust of strong wind and weak wind.
3,Introduced the hardware and instructions
Board size:40*20mm
Functions of the board:
1.interface description:
5.0V USB male input,5.0V MicroUSB input
5.0V USB fan output
adjust speed knob open indicator light is on,clockwise the wind speed will increase,Counterclockwise the speed wind will decrease.
adjust speed principle: not adjustable usb fan is 5V power straight supply motor, but second gear fan is have a boost circuit board in the inner,When placed in second gear, this boost circuit board will raise usb 5v then connect motor, the wind will became large.the Stepless speed governor output voltage range change in 2.5v to 7.5V ,set wind arbitrarily and wide range ,clockwise knobs can increase wind speed,Counterclockwise knobs will decrease ,knobs with switch function.

Notes:when use in second gear adjust fan ,please as fan in first gear,otherwise maybe cannot adjust speed.

1、5.0V USB male input
2、5.0V MicroUSB input
3、5.0V USB fan output
4、adjustable speed knobs with switch ,clockwise wind speed will increase ,Counterclockwise  wind speed will decrease .
5、switch of light indicator