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MLX90614ESF Infrared temperature measurement contactless

1. Overview
LC MLX90614 module is a common set of infrared temperature measurement module.It has been  verify and linearization,with small volume, high precision, low cost advantages.

2. The function and characteristics
● I2C communication protocol
● Integrated MLX90614ESF - BAA infrared measuring temperature module
● Temperature measurement range sensor itself - 40 ℃ to + 125 ℃
● The object temperature measurement range - 70 ℃ to + 380 ℃
● Resolution:0.02 ℃
● Provide the Arduino and 51 single-chip microcomputer test program

3. Introduced the hardware and instructions
● The board size: 17 * 11.5 mm
● The board function description:
VIN, GND: 5 v power supply input
SCL, SDA: I2C communication interface

This module is suitable for the object, used to measure the release infrared strong release of weak infrared measurement of objects (such as the human body) should rely on the close, also can add infrared filter to measure the distance increase.