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ACS758LCB-050B-PFF-T liner Hall Current Sensor Module

1, Overview
LC ACS module 758 is one current detection module, mainly used ACS758-LCB current sensor.ACS758 is consist of precise low-offset linear Hall sensor circuit,and its copper current path is close to the wafer.
Through this copper current path applied current can be generated integrated hall IC sense and converted into a proportional magnetic field.through bringing the magnetic signal close to the Hall sensor,reach device accuracy optimization.
2, Function
1.Static output voltage :VCC/2
2.Working  current :13.5 mA(MAX)
3.Maximum output current (VIOUT-GND):3 mA
4.Integrated shielding drastically reduced due to dV/dt signal causing capacitive coupling of current conductors to the wafer ,can be prevents bias drift in high-end, high-voltage applications.
5.Through temperature gain and offset adjustment and improvement error rate of total output.
6.Small package size ,easy to install.
7.High reliability single HALL IC.
8.Ultra low power loss,internal transmit resistance 100 µΩ
9.Insulation design can achieve economical high-end current sensing in high voltage system.
10.3.0 to 5.5V,Single power supply.
11.120khz typical bandwidth
12.Corresponding to step input current.output rise time is 3 μs
13.Output voltage with proportional to AC or DC current
14.Extremely stable output Offset voltage
15.Close to zero hysteresis.

Introduced the hardware and instructions
board size: 40.5*28.4mm
Functions of the board:
1.interface description:
VCC:positive of power supply(3-5.5V)
GND:negative of power supply
OU1:simulation signal output
OU2:OU1 following Op amp signal output
2.Instructions for use
Voltage output with current input relations: OU1 = VCC/2 + K * Ia
K is Sensor coefficient.Ia from  IP+ flow IP-current
Linearity K :40mV/a
Detectable current(DC) range :Ia:±50A;
Output voltage formula: OU1=OU2=VCC/2+Ia*K=VCC/2+(40mV/A*Ia)