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LC-05 Bluetooth Serial Module (host-slave integration)


Tech info:


LC-05 Bluetooth serial module supports host-slave integration, use AT commands to switch host/slave, have a  wide range  instruction.

Product Description

1.CSR the mainstream Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth V2.0 protocol standard

2.Serial module work voltage 3.3V

3.Baud rate default factory 9600, users can set

4.Working current: matching for 30MA, paired communication 8MA

5.Sleep current: Sleep

6.For the GPS navigation system, a utility meter reading systems, industrial field mining control system

7.With Bluetooth laptop computer and Bluetooth adapters, PDA and other devices for seamless connectivity

This module can be set to master or slave, master and slave pair communication from the machine and from the machine or between the host and the host can not communicate, communicate functional computers, mobile phones, Bluetooth pairing, purchase default slave