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raspberry pie WM8960 Audio decoding module

SKU : LC-Voice-WM8960

raspberry pie WM8960  Audio decoding module Intelligent voice recognition   double Microphone smart speaker DIY
LC WM8960 module carry UK original Wolfson Audio decoder chip and double silicon microphone array. for raspberry Pi designed Audio sound card expansion board , low power consumption, stereo code, support for high quality voice Play and record, can directly drive speakers to play music,also can used for DIY smart sound such as tianmao jingling ,Google Assistant etc.

1. base on Raspberry Pi 40pin interface,Suitable for Raspberry Pi series motherboards Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W/2B/3B/3B+/4 etc. development board
3.adopt WM8960 Low power stereo codec chip, can via I2S interface Communicate.
4.onboard 2 high quality MEMS silicon microphone,can make recording on left and right channel
5. onboard standard 3.5mm earphone interface,output frequency :40mW(16Ω@3.3V)
6.Onboard dual channel speaker interface, can directly drive the speaker, output power 2X1W
7. Support stereo, 3D surround and other audio output
8. onboard 3 programmable APA-102-2020 full color LED.
9.power supply  :  5V
10.Logic voltage : 3.3V

11.Raspberry pi control interface:12C
12. audio port: 12S
13. DAC signal to noise ratio :98db,ADC signal to noise ratio:94db

14.provide refer document , match raspberry pi can DIY the  function of  smart speaker  similar tianmao jingling ,xiaodu speaker ,Google Assistant。
hardware introduction and description
Board size:65*30.2mm     weight:16g

interface description


1, Raspberry Pi 2*20P pedestal: support Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W/2B/3B/3B+/4 etc.
2,MIC_L&MIC_R: Left and right MEMS silicon microphones
3,WM8960 :Low power stereo codec chip
4,POWER:when  output  connect speaker  this Micro USB| Need to be connected to provide sufficient current
5,KF301-4P Terminal:Left and right channel speaker output, power 2X1W
6,PH2.0-4P Terminal:Left and right channel speaker output, power 2X1W 

7,3.5MM earphone output port :power 40mW(16Ω@3.3V)
8,RGB LED  three  APA102 full color LED. Connect to raspberry pi `s SPI interface
9,6X6mm button : connect to  raspberry pi GPI017