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PAM8406 digital power amplifier board With volume potentiome

 ● LC PAM8406 power amplifier board Equipped with 5W +5 W high efficiency, low noise, stereo D class amplifier chip,,with pure sound, high degree of reduction characteristics,Suitable for impedance 2-8Ω,  the speaker power within 15W.

The function and characteristics
 ● On-board PAM8406 audio amplification chip, sound quality surging without noise
 ● On-board left and right channel volume adjustment potentiometer
 ● Operating voltage: 2.5V-5V
 ● Output power: 5V power supply maximum output power 2X5W
 ● With thermal protection and short circuit protection functions

The board size

The board function description
 ● VCC, GND: Operating voltage input
 ● RIN, GND, LIN: audio signal input (pin GND to the audio signal common)
 ● ROUT +, ROUT-: right channel output
 ● LOUT +, LOUT-: left channel output