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ESP8266 5V WiFi relay Internet of Things smart home

Dear friend, thanks for buying our products, and here is the reference manual and datasheet link:

Note: For this wifi relay module,because there some counterfeit on other sales platform. So if the onboard LED(D2) 

are blink constantly(I guess the reason is the STC15F104W haven't been programed),

 it means the module your bought were not produced in our factory, 

maybe you need contact with the seller directly. Best regards! 

sku  :LC-WM-Ralay-8266-5V

Tech  info  english  :


1. Summarize
LC 5V WiFi relay module carried a ESP8266 WiFi module and microcontroller.
It will send the serial port instructions to the cell phone APP and Implementation within the local area network (LAN) for wireless control relay.

2. The function and characteristics
Onboard ESP8266 WIFI module, AP mode 5 client can be connected at the same time;
Module has two work modes: 1, cell phones, carry on the WiFi module;2, mobile phone and WiFI module
Carrying on the same router, by mobile phone APP to control relay;
Transmission distance:
1.The open environment, the mobile phone when carrying on the WIFI module maximum transmission distance of 400 m;
2.When the WiFI module and cell phone carrying on the router at the same time the signal transmission distance in accordance with the router On the weak;
Onboard 5 v, 10 A / 250 v AC 10 A / 30 v DC relay, absorb 100000 times continuously;
Module with diode effusion protection, short response time;
Module baud rate: 9600,8,1,0,0.

3. Introduced the hardware and instructions
Size: 45*28mm
The board function description:
IN +,IN-: 5 v power input;
TX ,RX and GND: a serial port debug pins;
Onboard the ESP8266 WIFI module has three work modes: STA (client), AP (hot), the STA + Ap( hot +client), according to the workings of a module to the corresponding choice of WIFI module working mode.Module need before use serial debugging software and USB to TTL module send serial command was carried out on the WIFI module configuration (don't power outages after configuration is complete, as some of the parameters of WIFI module cannot be saved when the power is cut off), mobile phone and WIFI module after establishing a network connection can use the phone APP control relay.