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Bluetooth relay module mobile phone bluetooth remote control

SKU :LC-WM-Relay-12V

Tech  info  :

1. Summarize

LC 12V bluetooth relay board include single channel 12V/10A relay module and SPP-C bluetooth serial port slave module, Can be sent via mobile phone APP commands to control the relay switch.

2. Functional features
(1) Onboard SPP - C bluetooth serial port slave module, with wireless control function.
(2) Onboard 12 v,10 A / 250 V AC 10 A / 30 V DC relay, relay long life can absorb 100000 times in a row.
(3) Module with diode effusion protection, short response time.
(4) Onboard bluetooth status indicator light (when not connected flash, slow connection after long bright) and relay status indicator light .
(5) Control distance 10m (open environment)

Technical parameters:

  • Follow the bluetooth 2.1 + EDR specification
  • Module working voltage VCC: DC 12 v
  • DC control maximum voltage: DC 30 v 
  • Exchange control maximum voltage: AC 250 v

3. Introduce of hardware
Size: 20mm*62mm

4. The basic function and instructions

  • IN + : DC 12 v power supply to the anode
  • IN - : DC 12 v power supply
  • COM: public side
  • NO: relay normally open interface, relay and impending, before and after absorption and COM sub.
  • NC: relay normally closed interface, relay and with COM nipple, before and after the impending.
Basic instructions:
After wiring correct, using cellphone to search Bluetooth devices and connect, Pairing password is 1234,Input order and send by hexadecimal (when the Input order is A00101A2 open the relay , when the Input order is A00100A1 close the relay)
When Wiring NO NC COM:

Cann’t access to any two port ,or will be short circuit.




 Dear friend, thanks for buying our products, and here is the manual and datasheet link:, you can configurate it step by step.

Note: For this wifi relay module,because there some counterfeit on other sales platform. So if the on-board LED(D2) are blink constantly(I guess the reason is the STC15F104W haven't been programed), it means the module your bought were not produced in our factory, maybe you need contact with the seller directly. Best regards!