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STM32F429IGT6 Development board Cortex-M4 core board

STM32F429 is cortex-m4 development board  designed for high-performance STM32F4 series.STM32F429IGT6 serials is latest high quality MCU of Cortex-M4F inner core launched by ST company .Based on structure of RISC ,working frequency 180MHZ,and with Single-precision floating point arithmetic unit.It also has total set of operation instruction and memory protection unit.

Functions :
1、On board chip:STM32F429IGT6
Inner core :Cortex-M4 32-bit RISC;
Feature:Single cycle DSP instruction;
Working frequency:180MHz,225 DMIPS/1.25 DMIPS/MHz;
working pressure :1.8V-3.6V;
Storage:1024kB Flash,256+4kB SRAM;
Interface :6 x SPI,4 x USART,4 x UART,2 x I2S,1 x SAI,3 x I2C;
1 x FMC,1 x SDIO,2 x CAN;
1 x LCD-TFT;
1 x USB 2.0 FS/HS controller(with special DMA);
1 x USB HS ULPI(external connection for USB HS PHY);
1 x 10/100 Ethernet MAC;
1 x 8 to 14-bit camera connector ;
3 x AD(12bit ,1us,Time-sharing 24 road),2 x DA(12bit);
2、data access FLASH:W25Q128/16MB
3、button:one reset button ,one functional button
4、LED:one power supply indicator,one configurable LED indicator
5、Basic mcu circuit ,including 25MHz、32.768 KHz Crystal resonance circuit,USB Power Management Circuits,USB port and so on
6、SDRAM: IS42S16400J-7TLI/8MB
7、In addition to GPIO occupied by SDRAM and SPI FLASH, all the other external pins of I/O are extracted in the form of 2.54mm pin, and the various resources of the chip can be used at will.
8、with JTAG/SWD Debug download interface
9、Four - layer board process, more stable performance.

1.interface instruction :
J6:USB connector ;
P2:JTAG/SWD debug interface ;
USART1 serial port :3V3:positive of working voltage ;
GND:negative of working voltage ;
TX:sender PIN of module serial port (that is PA9);
RX:receiver PIN of module serial port (that is PA10);