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STM32F407VET6 Dev board Cortex-M4 ARM core

1. Overview
LCTECH STM32F407 Development board is aim at high-performance STM32F4 series designed Cortex-M4 Development board. 

2.Introduced the hardware and instructions
On-board :STM32F407VET6 chip;
RTC battery :CR1220;
Data storage:W25Q16;
Support FMSC LCD interface;
3 user buttons+RST button;
Have Power indicator;
All cpu-I0 extraction;
2.54mm integer multiples Spacing plug pin;
Working frequency:168MHZ,210 DMIPS/1.25 DMIPS/MHZ;
working voltage:1.8V-3.6V.
Board size: 72.4*80.9mm
Functions of the board:
1. interface description:
J1:TFT LCD interface
J4:USB interface
P1:JTAG/SWD JATEG interface
ISP serial port: 5V:  Power supply positive
            GND: Power supply negative
            TX:  Can be connect to RX pin of other devices
            RX:  Can be connect to TX pin of other devices