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ST-LINK V2 STM8/STM32 emulator programmer burning debugger

ST-LINK V2 STM8/STM32 emulator  programmer stlink Download line burning debugger   SKU :LC-DL-STLINK-HS




LC ST-LINK V2 burner is an online debugger and programmer for STM8 and STM32 microcontrollers.Single line interface module(SWIM)and Serial line debugging (SWD)interface used for communication with STM8 and STM32 microcontrollers on the application board.

Product introduction:
1. Use aluminum alloy U disk shell installing the internal motherboard, which is easy to carry, safe and reliable.
2.Interface definition is directly labeled on the shell, clear , convenient and practical.
3. provide 5V、3.3V Pin, easy to connect 5V and 3.3v target board.
4.Internal with 500mA self-recovery fuse, protect your computer motherboard.

Functional features full serials of  STM32 SWD interface,simple interface of  4 line (including power supply), fast speed and stable operation; Interface definition shell marked directly, no need to read the manual.

2. Support full series of STM8 SWIM download debugging (common development environment such as IAR, STVD, etc.)
Support firmware automatic upgrade to ensure company product support.

Hardware introduction and description
Board size:54 * 20.3 * 8.7mm
Board weight :8g
Power supply description: USB head 5V input