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USB Blaster Altera CPLD/FPGA downloader

USB - Blaster download cable performance characteristics:


1、.Stable support embedded SignalTap II logic analyzer features;


2、 Support ALTERA company full range of devices. Absolutely all series, don't worry about a device does not support


◇ CPLD:MAX3000、MAX7000、MAX9000 and MAXII ,etc

◇ FPGA:Stratix、StratixII、StratxIII、Cyclone、CycloneII、CycloneIII、ACEX1K、APEX20K and FLEX10K,etc.


◇The serial configuration device:EPCS1、EPCS4、EPCS16、EPCS64,etc.

◇Enhanced configuration device:EPC1、EPC4,etc.


3 、Download supports three modes: the AS, PS and JTAG;


4、Support and Nios II embedded soft core processor communication and the system debugging, rev. C, the latest version of the firmware! ;


5 、Speed: 6 times faster than the commonly used parallel download line ByteBlasterII;


6、 Easy to use: MiniUSB interface, convenient connection, two status indicators make debugging easier.


7 、Must be: at present, the laptop has almost eliminated parallel port, so commonly used ByteblasterMV and ByteblasterII download line have already cannot be used on a laptop, so for laptop users, choose the USB download line is convenient, but also must.


8、 Fully compatible with ALTERA USB Blaster, usage, function and performance and ALTERA download original factory line.