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MSP430 Parallel Port Emulator Programmer JTAG Download Cable

MSP430JTAG emulator / 430 FET simulation / MSP430 download line description:


1, According to the principles of original MSP430 FLASH emulator of TI company produced, compatible with all of its features.


2, PC parallel port (25 pin) JTAG emulator.


3, Compact, and suitable for portable.


4, The target board power supply to effectively protect your computer parallel port.


5, The standard 14-pin plug, compatible with TI's standard.


6, With 14P cable, convenient for user download program and program simulation.


7,14 pin the JTAG (supports most of the 1 Series,2 Series,4 Series, does not support the latest 5 Series and the JTAG interface and IO port multiplexing chip).


8, Support some functions under the IAR430, AQ430 third-party compilers integrated development environment. Such as real-time simulation, debugging, single stepping, breakpoints, memory content view and modify.


9, Have been passed verifications of the IAR430 development environment real-time program download, simulation, debugging, etc.


10, It’s protected by beautiful hull, not easy to be damaged by the electrostatic.