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PWM module

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Arduino 16 road PWM/Servo/Steering gear drive plate Controll

1. Overview

LC PCA9685 module could control 16 road by PWM, every road programmable output for shut, open. Through the I2C communication.

2. The function and characteristics
 ● Working voltage: 2.3-5.5V
 ● Communication protocol: I2C
 ● Cannel number: 16
 ● Resolution ratio: 12 bit
 ● V+ Input:  According to peripheral voltage, Maximum 6V

3. Introduced the hardware and instructions
 ● The board size: 63.1*31.8mm
 ● The board function description:
VCC:  The working voltage of the module
GND: Ground
SCL、SDA: I2C communication interface
V+: Steering gear and other peripheral driving voltage
PWM: PWM signal output

VCC connect to the Arduino 5V, GND connect to the Arduino GND, SDA connect to A4, SCL connect to A5, steering gear with 0-15 arbitrary channel connection, burn write code , steering gear began to turn it.