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12V Lead-acid battery protector against overdischarge module

1. Overview
12V Lead-acid battery protection module mainly used to protect for 12V accumulator, because 12V storage battery will make damage for the battery when the battery voltage low 10.5V, this module can Automatic release relay to disconnect battery Output of external power supply when the module battery voltage under protection voltage.

2. Introduced the hardware and instructions
1. Working voltage: suit for any capacity 12V battery
2.Protecting voltage/final voltage:10.7V,due to difference of component , Maximum possible will have ±0.15V deviation
3.Relay maximum control current:10A
4.When discharge to protection voltage will automatic disconnection all battery, avoid over discharge and protect battery life.
5. This product is simple in electric circuit , the trigger voltage is stable and reliable.

3. Introduced the hardware and instructions
board size:24.2*32.1mm
Functions of the board:
1. interface description:
IN+:  Input battery positive( Connect the battery positive )
GND: Common negative (connect load and battery negative)
OUT+:Output battery positive (connect load and battery positive)
Instructions for use:
1. After use storage battery with load connect well protection board,When the battery voltage is normal,press the trigger button,the relay is connected ,led turn on ,protection board starts working.
2.When the storage battery under the protection voltage, the relay is off, Automatic cut off output,battery disconnect supply power for the load and protector.
3 When the battery voltage recover to above the protection voltage, can press again this trigger button let Monitoring and protection work keep going.
Precautions:this module also have the protection voltage version for 11.6v , if need 11.6V please contact our customers service otherwise send the 10.7V version default .