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ADXL335 three axis acceleration tilt angle analog output

● LC ADXL335 three-axis accelerator module. ADXL335 board is a lightweight and low power consumption of 3 axis accelerometer with signal output voltage adjustment. Product measuring acceleration minimum full range is ±3g.In the inclination measurement application it can measure the acceleration of gravity, static and dynamic acceleration, shock, or vibration caused by movement.

The function and characteristics
● X, Y, Z three directions can be detected on the acceleration
● The output of the acceleration as the analog
● Module working voltage is 5v
● Provide the Arduino test procedures

Introduced the hardware and instructions
● Size: 21 * 15 mm
● The board function description:
VCC, GND: 5 V power input (3.3 V voltage regulator chip board);
X, Y, Z: three direction of the acceleration simulation output;
ADXL335 chip on the module power supply voltage of 3.3 V, must be attention to the development board used when testing the reference voltage (AREF).