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APDS-9930 ambient light detection attitude sensor

1. Summarize
LC APDS-9930 light environment and close to detect optical module, it provided I2C interface compatible environment brightness sensor (ALS) and infrared LED proximity sensor. The environment brightness sensor provides high sensitivity, make proximity sensor work in different light conditions. The module with Micro lens provide efficient transmitting and receiving infrared energy .It make the device in low average power consumption.

2. The function and characteristics
●  APDS-9930  integrated ALS, infrared LED close to detect optical module;
●  Up to 16 bit resolution makes the environment brightness sensor is akin to the human eye visual response;
●  Close to detect the effective distance is 100 mm;
●  Module working voltage of 3.3 V;
●  The I2C interface communication protocol.

3. Introduced the hardware and instructions
●  The board size: 15.5 * 18 mm
●  The board function description:
Provide the Arduino test procedures;
VCC, GND: 3.3 V power input;
SDA,SCL: I2C data transmission pin;
INT: interrupt pin;
VL: internal infrared LED power supply, when use close to the detection should be 3.3 V or stick a zero Ohm resistor in R4 place ,or short circuit with two welding plate in the back of the board.