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Serial Module

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PCF8574 PCF8574T Module IO Extension Module I2C

LC PCF8574 module is a I/O extension module based on the I2C interface, its main function is through the two I/O port extension into eight I/O port.

Function features
 ● Working voltage: 2.5-6V
 ● Communication protocol: I2C
 ● Low standby current consumption: The biggest 10uA

Hardware introduction and description

1.Size: 40.5*16.2mm

2.Board function description:
VCC: Working voltage anode
GND: Working voltage negative
SDA、SCL: I2C communication interface
When the three short circuit cap without connecting to end all, short circuit cap placed determines the high and low level of the eight IO port, but the outside world could control the IO port no longer.