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USB to NRF24L01 module USB wireless serial interface module


Tech info  :

1. Overview

LC NRF24L01 module makes NRF24L01 wireless module PC via a serial port connection,data communication between one or more NRF24L01 modules.


2. The function and characteristics
 ● Using CH340 chips, stable performance, good compatibility.
 ● Using this module for wireless serial communication, transmission distance is far greater than using Bluetooth serial port. The transmission distance can reach 100~1100m.
 ● It can communicate between two computers or one to multiple computers for two-way communication, but also allows a single computer to a mcu or multiple mcu two-way communication, Need to switch to the appropriate mode.


3. Introduced the hardware and instructions
 ● The board size: 35.2*18.2mm;
 ● The board function description:
 ● SP8266 wireless module and USB docking of the same direction as shown in the figure below:
SWIM used to configure the receiving and sending mode , the default mode is receiving . When using it, we can switch mode by shorting GND and SWIM.


Send and receive mode testing as above.