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STM8 Study Board

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STM8S903K3T6 core board development board with I2C LCD port

1. Summarize
LC STM8S903K3 core board carry a STM8S903K3 chip. Onboard basic circuit of MCU, include power module, reset circuit and download circuit. Lead to I/O  port, the spacing of  pins is 2.54mm,small size, suitable for user access to the system.

2. Functional Characteristics
Kernel: STM8 kernel 8-bit.
Operating frequency: maximum 16 MHZ.
Board power supply voltage: 5 v to 12 v.
Onboard ASM1117-3.3 V voltage regulator chip.
Flash storage resources: 8 k Flash,1 KB SRAM.
Download debugging: support the ISP and IAP.

3. Brief Introduction of Port

(1) SWIM interface, download and debug support.
(2) The MCU pin interface, which leads to the VCC, GND and all I/O, convenient connection with various modules.
(3)The power indicator light.
(4)Set aside the external crystal vibration welding position.
(5)Reset button.

(6)TFT - LCD IIC driver interface.

(7)Product size:56mm*35mm.

4. Instructions
The development board carry STM8S903K3T6 chip. all pins of chip leads to convenient for the user to expand other modules. Mini USB interface and the reset button, the reserved external crystal vibration welding position.A SWIM interface convenient for the user to download and simulation. Power circuit part, R3 don't connect, the MCU is provided by ASM1117-3.3 3.3 V voltage, when R3 connect with 0Ω, MCU power supply is provided by an external voltage directly, external voltage time for no more than 5.5 V.