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STM8 Study Board

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STM8S001J3 development board stm8s001 development board

STM8S001J3 development board stm8s001 development board 


LC STM8S001 development board,The used chip STM8S001J3 is an 8-bit microcontroller,Core board leads all IO ports.  Have one LED indicator and charging indicator,can through jumper cap to choose whether using  LED. With KEY button, SWIM download interface, I2C OLED interface. The core board can be powered by microUSB 5V.

Function :
High-performance STM8 core, three-level instruction pipeline, frequency up to 16M
8K FLASH, 1K RAM, 128Byte real EEPROM
Three main clock sources can be selected: HSE, HSI, LSI
Low power modes: wait, active-halt, halt
Can independently shut down the peripheral clock, power on & power off reset
Embedded 32 mid-range vectors with up to 5 external interrupts
Two 16-bit timers, one 8-bit basic timer
SPI single wire interface (up to 8Mbit / s), IIC (up to 400kbit / s)
UART (SmartCard, lrDa, LIN master mode)
Three channel  10-bit ADCs, single / continuous / buffered  working mode
5 channel  IO ports, embedded single-line download & simulation interface SWIM

Hardware introduction and description
Board size : 32*27mm
weight :5g
Board physical map description:

Test instructions
IAR development environment can refer to IAR-For-STM8 (EWSTM8) development environment setup.pdf
Open the application in the package, decompress the LED routine package and open it

Connect ST-LINK, press and hold KEY when power on to start the SWIM programming function. Because the SWIM pin is reuse, all open source sample programs have been added with an initialization button Anti-lock code to prevent the chip from burning the simulation IO.

After compiling successfully, you can burn and re-power on or close the simulation to run normally.

Note: It is recommended to take a few more chips to prevent the chip SWIM port from being occupied due to programming errors. !!